Knas Hemma

Knas Hemma: Young people’s perspectives on foster care, is a national youth organisation working with children's rights and perspectives in foster care for the purpose of strengthening their voices, participation and rights within the social services and foster care. We engage young people from all over Sweden between 13 – 30 years of age. Knas Hemma use creative tools and Communication for Development (C4D) as a method to increase awareness and to build capacity amongst young people by using; Minecraft, film, storytelling and other participatory methods.

Ambassador’s programme for social change

To further enhance young people's voices and participation in foster care, we have initiated a leadership programme for young adults where they become our ambassadors. Our ambassadors use their own experiences and knowledge together with training in children's rights and they are inspiring role models.

As a youth organisation (NGO) we have different experiences and we share this knowledge in order to include children's and young people's perspectives, knowledge and experiences through, arranging workshops and educating the social service and foster parents in children's rights and participation. Moreover, as former foster children we are the extended voice of the target group and we give advise and suggestions in reports and studies, at conferences and in other collaborative projects.

We offer:

  • participatory methods
  • creative workshops
  • dialogues and up to date knowledge from young people’s own perspectives

We collaborate and educate:

  • the Social Services and Foster Care
  • young people nationally
  • international collaborations and exchanges

Please contact us for further information and collaboration!